About us

Welcome to DNBX.com.

Who is DNBX?

DNBX is a trusted seller of domain names since 2012.

DNBX specialises in catchy and memorable names, perfect for that new startup, product, or service. Whether you are searching for a short four or five-letter brandable name or a catchy phrase for that upcoming marketing campaign or company slogan, DNBX may well have the name you that are looking for.

Payment Methods

Buyer and seller safety is paramount. For safe and secure transactions, DNBX partners with Dan.com, a GoDaddy® owned domain name marketplace and transfer service, and Escrow.com, an insured, licensed and accredited online escrow payment service.

DNBX also offers flexible payment plan options (lease-to-own) via Dan.com. This convenient option allows buyers to pay for the domain over time. Begin using the domain after the first installment has been made and take full ownership after the final installment.

Alternatively, DNBX also partners with Escrow.com for safe and secure transactions. Escrow.com is a fully insured, licensed, and accredited online escrow payment service located in San Francisco, California. They act as a middleman. Put simply, the buyer pays Escrow.com, not the seller. Escrow.com will only release payment to the seller after being notified by the buyer that the domain has been received.

Why purchase a premium domain?

Did you know that domain names are unique? There is only one in existence. In a world where many businesses share the same business name, sell the same kind of product, or provide the same service, only one of these businesses can own and operate on the exact match domain name. It's a highly undervalued business asset and one of the single most important investments that a business can make.

Secure your desired name today before it's in the hands of another buyer and quite possibly, off the market forever.